In the 1990's the Bradford Exchange released many beautiful collector plates featuring Marilyn Monroe. This artwork has been recycled for the past decade and continues to appear on new collectibles.  It is a shame that they don't feel the need to create fresh images.  Obviously, if you are a new Marilyn fan and have never seen or owned any of the original plates then these new items may interest you.  

Plates are no longer a valuable collectible.  There was a time prior to Ebay when plates held their values, however, this is no longer the case.  So my advice to plate collectors is to only buy the ones you really like.  Buy them to enjoy today and not as an investment for the future.  I have a fondness in my heart for the early plates because I started collecting them as a teenager.  At one time I had over 50 collector plates and 7 complete collections.  However, today, I have only kept my very favourite plates from each collection.

Here are all the early MM plate collections: