Welcome to an inventory of Vintage Marilyn Monroe Magazine Articles!

The idea behind this catalogue is to share actual interviews that Marilyn did with reporters.  I have recently started to question some of the quotes that have been attributed to Marilyn over the years.  I figure unless I hear it come out of her lips or see it printed in the original interview I am not convinced she actually said it.  Hundreds of books have been written about Marilyn with many simply quoting previous authors.  I would prefer to go back to the original material instead of talking someone's word for it.  

I'd like to make a quotes page down the road from actual audio interviews and these magazine interviews.  I think what piqued my interest in this area is the fact that people are getting Marilyn quotes tattooed on their bodies (see the tattoo section).  I'd like to give people a resource that they can trust, especially if you doing something so permanent with something Marilyn allegedly said.

This catalogue of articles will only grow with your participation.  I am looking for individuals who have vintage magazines and are willing to dedicate some time to transcribing the articles inside. You will be credited for your work.  Please email transcribed articles (and a scan of the cover would be appreciated) to  Keep in mind that Marilyn does not need to be on the cover.  I am looking for pre-1963 magazines, unless a previously unpublished interview appears at a later date.  Note I may also include articles without first hand interviews.

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