I am eternally grateful to my friend Janine for getting us tickets to see Conan O'Brien (Thanks Andi!!!)  Unfortunately, she could only get 4 tickets and there were 5 of us.  So Annette and Janet got up early and stood in line for an hour to get standby tickets (they start giving out the tickets at 9am).  Sam, Janine and I meet up with them and we all did the NBC Studio tour.  It was really cool to see them setting up for Saturday Night Live and we even saw the musical guest rehearsing (Jack Johnson - too bad we had never heard of him).  

We walked to Grand Central Station for lunch.  2 Boots pizza is awesome and Juniors cheesecake is the best I have ever had.  Then we walked up 5th Avenue and did a little shopping.  I bought a really cute ring shaped like an "M" at Erwin Pearl.   

By now it was time to get ready for the Conan taping.  Our tickets said we had to be there by 4pm.  We were shocked to find out we actually had VIP tickets and we ended up 4 rows from the front right in front of where the guests sit.  Luckily, I asked about Annette who was in the standby line and they got a wristband for her so she could get in with us!!  It was incredible to see Bruce Willis in person...especially in a towel!!!!

After the show we had a few drinks in our room and then headed to Times Square where we ate dinner at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co. (www.bubbagump.com)  I highly recommend it, we had a table overlooking Times Square, and the drinks and food were great!  On our way back to the hotel we took a detour past the theatre where Letterman films. 


Janine & me checking out the line waiting for Standby tickets.

Janet & Annette freezing their butts off in line.

During the NBC Studio Tour.

The skating rink at Rockefellar Center.  It was a lot smaller than I expected.

Sam digging into her first dog from a vendor...the wiener wasn't ready yet.

It was incredible to see the skyscrapers in real life.

Me outside the Waldorf...maybe I'll stay here someday?

The Chrysler Building.

Inside Grand Central Station.

Grand Central is a MUST see and Juniors cheesecake is a MUST have.

Janine posing in front of Versace.

I thought the Versace window was really cool, especially with the Madonna Ad.

Gosh, I would love to own a real piece of PUCCI someday, just like Marilyn.

I think Trump Towers was one of the highlights of our trip.

It was so cool to think they filmed The Apprentice right here.

Inside the lobby of Trump Towers.


Outside Elizabeth Arden's.

This was the envelope that held our VIP tickets to Conan!!

Bruce Willis in a towel!  To watch the video as a Windows Media File (4.8MB) click on the above photo.

After the show we were on cloud nine!

Times Square at night.

Proof that I was really there!!

A late dinner at Bubba Gump's. 

The Lotsa Lava frozen drink was to die for!!!!!!

Janine, Janet and Annette pose under the Letterman sign.  Too bad Dave was on holidays while we were in town.