Another early morning in New York (we never slept in at all there was just too much to see) this time we got up and hailed our first cab of the trip.  We took it down to Ground Zero which was a very emotional experience.  I actually got more choked up looking down the streets around the site than the site itself.  Seeing how narrow the streets and how tall the buildings were in person I could visualize what it must have been like to see the billowing debris coming down the streets.

I had to go back to the hotel and get ready for the Marilyn exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.  While I was off on my Marilyn adventure the rest of my group went for a carriage ride in Central Park.  The exhibit itself was wonderful I didn't expect it to be so big.  There were many photos I had never seen before.  The best part was getting to meet my MM friends in person.  Suzie's show was wonderful and she was such a trooper to go on when she had laryngitis ( .  It was a special treat to ride with her back to the hotel.  I felt like I was literally sitting with Marilyn Monroe.

I met back up with my girls around 4pm and we proceeded to have happy hour in our room until 8pm!  We went for dinner at Virgil's and the food was delicious.  A really good tip that worked was to go for dinner after 8pm because the restaurants emptied out with the theatre crowd and there wasn't much of a wait.  The frozen apple martini was yummy.

The absolute topper for our trip was catching Denzel Washington leaving the theatre where he was starring in Julius Caesar!!!!!!  Sam and Janet both got autographs.  I was too busy talking photos.

We walked back through times square for the last time and hit the sack at 1:30am (our latest evening the whole trip).

SUNDAY - I don't have a separate page for Sunday because we basically got up and headed to the airport.  I let the hotel arrange our transportation since I wasn't impressed with Carmel.  Our ride was waiting for us at 9:30 am (a really nice SUV with leather interior - I was very pleased).  There was no delay coming home, we arrived in Toronto at 1:30 pm.  


The heroes of September 11, 2001

They are still repairing the surrounding buildings.

Ground Zero


Looking down the street from Ground Zero.


Christies Auction house where the 1999 auction of Marilyn's personal belongings took place.

Suzie at the hotel all ready for her show in her Prince and the Showgirl dress.  I have my Marilyn shoes on.

Dawn had the cutest skirt I have ever seen!!!!

Gentlemen prefer blondes...Cheryl, Suzie and me.

The reason I was even in New York...thanks for all your hard work Eric!

Daniel from Quebec made it to the show after arriving in New York that very morning.

Suzie sang many songs and even had a costume change!

I even got in on the act...yeah I know anyone who knows me isn't surprised.  I do my own Marilyn tribute but I couldn't compare to Suzie.

Driving back to Manhattan in the nicest car and going over the Brooklyn bridge... how cool!!!!

Suzie, me and Christine enjoying the ride.

While I was at the museum my girls found themselves some NYC firefighters.

Carriage ride in Central Park.

Happy hour grooving to the iPod.

The last supper....Virgils.

The towels were HOT!

It's been a long time since I laughed so hard I cried and it happened a lot on this trip.

Standing outside the theatre where Denzel was performing.

Janet & Sam get friendly with Billy the cop but they still don't get into Denzel's limo.

DENZEL!!!!!  He was so close I could have reached out and touched him but I likely would have been tackled pretty quickly by the rather LARGE security guys.


If you'd like to see a video clip (Windows Media File 2.79 MB) of my Denzel experience just click on the above photo.  You can hear my mom, Sam, talking to him, "I tried to get tickets, etc".

We never did make it inside Toys R Us but if we had this is Janet & me riding on the ferris wheel.

Last look at times square...