Friday morning we were supposed to meet up with Immortal Marilyn outside the Today Show....however, we had a few drinks the night before and just couldn't bare the thought of standing outside that early.

Instead we headed out for another jam-packed day of sightseeing.  First stop was the Empire State Building.  It took us about 25 minutes to walk there from the hotel.  We arrived at 9:45am and did not have to wait at all to go up.  We were told it was zero visibility but I still enjoyed it.

We then headed over to Macy's for a little shopping and enjoyed a hot dog from a vendor.  After walking back to the hotel I was ready for a rest.  Janine and I (the 2 youngest I might add) decided to put our feet up for awhile.  Janet & Annette headed back up 5th to look around Tiffanys and my Mom went shopping next door. 

We walked down to the Circle Boat Cruise (thanks Eric for accompanying us!) for the Harbour lights cruise.  It was amazing!!  When the statue of Liberty came into sight I couldn't believe how small she was.  When you see her on TV she seems much bigger.  After the cruise, we were pooling our change together for the bus when we found out they only take quarters.  Luckily there was a limo waiting outside who offered us a ride back to the hotel for $5 a person.  Imagine riding in a limo because we didn't have change for the bus!!!  We were beat by this time and I just went next door to the pizza place for a slice then to bed.


Immortal Marilyn on the Today Show - to view the video as a Windows Media File click the above photo. 

Sam at the top of the Empire State Building

We didn't need the viewers with all the fog.

View from the top....

I can't imagine how far you can see with good visibility.

I can't believe I'm here!!!!

Times Square in the daytime.


Time to stop for a pretzel.  You can eat cheap in this city if you want to!

The young pups taking a rest.  I was thankful I brought my iPod with me.  It really kept us entertained in the room.

Taken on the 2 hour Circle Cruise Harbour tour.

This was the highlight of the ride.  I will never forget standing out on the front of the boat as we went past the Statue of Liberty.

Another shot of the NY skyline.  It was breathtaking.

Oh, for 5 bucks....sure beats the bus!