YEAR:  1951

STUDIO:  20th Century Fox

RUNNING TIME:  77 minutes


    When a gentleman (Monty Woolley) is forced to retire at age 65, he'll do just about anything to beat the system.  Dying his hair black, he poses as the president of his former employer's holding company. Suddenly free to air his views on everything from company policy to national economics, comic craziness ensures when he meets not only the firm's top executives, but someone equally impressive - a beautiful secretary, played by Marilyn Monroe, in one of her first and funniest roles.

My opinion: Marilyn looks lovely in this film.  She has 3 costume changes.  Although it is a small part it is one of my more favourite early performances.  There is a really cute scene where she sticks out her tongue.  If you are looking for early Marilyn then this will do nicely.

Review:  The New York Times
"This unpretenious little picture, which Lamar Trotti has written and produced and which Harmon Jones has directed in a deliciously nimble comic style, is a vastly superior entertainment so far as ingenuity and taste are concerned, and it certainly confronts its audience on a much more appropriately adult plane...Albert Dekker is mighty amusing as a fatheaded small-business boss, Marilyn Monroe is superb as his secretary..."