YEAR:  1952

STUDIO:  20th Century Fox

RUNNING TIME:  85 minutes

MARILYN MINUTES: 6 min 35 sec


    A fun-loving comedy about a judge (Victor Moore) who unknowingly marries a number of couples before his appointment is official. Years later, when the couples discover their vows aren't valid, the results vary from hilarious to heartbreaking. Marilyn Monroe stars as a young mother on the beauty pageant circuit whose husband (David Wayne) wishes she would stay home. Finding out that they're not legally hitched, they wonder whether it is wise to stay together. Other couples questioning their vows include a pair of eternally bickering radio performers (Ginger Rogers and Fred Allan) and a pregnant bride (Mitzi Gaynor) whose husband (Eddie Bracken) is going off to war. Along with Zsa Zsa Gabor as a fortune-hunting shrew trying to take her tycoon husband (Louis Calhern) for everything he's got, this classic comedy explores the true meaning of marriage.

My opinion: Truthfully, even though Marilyn mainly appears in a bathing suit I really don't recommend this movie for your collection.  It is a terrible movie.  On top of that, Marilyn doesn't have much dialogue mostly she just walks on the catwalk.  Even when she does talk it is not that great of a performance.  The only interesting thing about this film is that it is the only time that Marilyn played a mother.  Unfortunately, she doesn't even hold the baby in the film.

Review:  Variety
"The Monroe-Wayne sequence is pretty lightweight, but shows off the Monroe form to full advantage in a bathing suit, offering certain exploitation for the film."