YEAR:  1951

STUDIO:  20th Century Fox

RUNNING TIME:  84 minutes


    A post-war comedy about a serviceman (William Lundigan) who thinks he's returning home for a blissful reunion with his wife (June Haver).  Instead, he finds that she has bought a run-down apartment building, and along with it, a long list of expensive repairs and crazy tenants. Complicating matters, the husband wants his "old army buddy" to move into one of the apartments - but neglects to tell his wife that the "buddy" is a seductive ex-WAC played by none other than Marilyn Monroe! Then, a con-man moves into the building, ensuring that there isn't a moment of peace and quiet for anyone who lives there. When a series of hilarious domestic fights result over the unwelcome residents, there's absolutely no place like home!

My opinion: Marilyn appears as a very sexy home wrecker in this film.  She has 4 costume changes which includes a poka dot bikini and only a towel!!  This is a great movie for your Marilyn collection.  It is interesting to note that there is no trace of the breathy voice she is famous for. It is funny how much Marilyn was used to advertise this film when her character is really secondary to the plot.

Review:  Variety
"There are only a few fresh lines and situations in the script, and they are not enough to add any punch to a rather "dated" theme, no matter how hard the cast toppers try to keep the laughs going...Marilyn Monroe is tossed in to cause jealously between the landlords."