YEAR:  1949

STUDIO:  Columbia Pictures

RUNNING TIME:  85 minutes




"There were three girls there and Groucho had us each walk away from him.  I was the only one he asked to do it twice." -Marilyn Monroe

    Harpo is a true patron of the arts, taking from the rich to help feed a group of poor actors who are struggling to open a new musical without financial backers.  When he steals a tin of sardines from a classy Fifth Avenue market, he unknowingly makes off with the missing Romanoff diamonds, smuggled into the country by a sinful yet scintillating jewel thief.  She traces the tin back to the theatre where she backs the show, hoping to recover the diamonds...and nearly brings the house down in a madcap race to retrieve the jewels on opening night!

My opinion:
Although this is not Marilyn's first film she is given credit as "Introducing Marilyn Monroe". Marilyn's part is only a walk on and it is brief at best. Don't waste your money on this movie as Marilyn's scene is shown in virtually every documentary ever made on her.  This was the last Marx brother movie and is considered the worst.

Review: The New York Times
"The Marx Brothers are loose again and have turned the Criterion's screen into a comic shambles. Love Happy is a helter-skelter entertainment...a see-saw affair; sometimes the antics are incredibly funny, and sometimes the gags fall with a flat thud."