YEAR:  1951

STUDIO:  20th Century Fox

RUNNING TIME:  79 minutes



    A still gorgeous grandmother (Claudette Colbert) divorces her husband Hugh (MacDonald Carey) because he's a compulsive gambler.  Their daughter (Barbra Bates) does all she can to get them back together, but problems arise when Victor (Zachery Scott), Mom's high school sweetheart - turned millionaire - suddenly arrives in town. Even though a breathtaking beauty (Marilyn Monroe) is hot on his trial, Vic only has eyes for "Grandma" - driving ex-husband Hugh to the brinks of comic insanity as he wages a wild and unforgettable battle to win his wife back.

My opinion: To be honest I really didn't watch the whole movie.  I just fast forwarded to see Marilyn. It is so brief and the role so typical (a pretty blonde decoration)  that I really wouldn't recommend this movie as one of the first ones to get.

Review:  Hollywood Reporter
"Marilyn Monroe is volumputously amusing as a girl on a husband hunt."