YEAR:  1948

STUDIO:  Columbia Pictures

RUNNING TIME:  61 minutes



    The legendary Marilyn Monroe stars in her 2nd film as budding burlesque queen Peggy Martin-whose innocent blonde dazzle makes her a star among the ladies of the Chorus.

   Peggy gets her big break and steals the show and the heat of a wealthy young bachelor in the front row. Suddenly, she's being wooed with orchids and promises of a life far away from the demands of the stage. But her mother is not so easily courted. The silvery-but-still sexy Mae Martin knows first hand how star-crossed romance can end in tears-and put a gal right back in the chorus line.

   Monroe's purring performance of "Can't You See I Love You", and "Every baby needs a Daddy" highlight the steamy burlesque score.

My opinion: This is the first movie that Marilyn ever sang in.  The story line is pretty silly but it does have a very young Marilyn in virtually every scene.  Her singing is delightful and I would definitely recommend this as a must for the true Marilyn fan.  Unfortunately, the bigwigs at Columbia Pictures didn't see a future for Marilyn and she was dropped from contract.

Review:  Motion Picture Herald
"One of the bright spots is Miss Monroe's singing. She is pretty and, with her pleasing voice and style, she shows promise."