YEAR:  1952

STUDIO:  20th Century Fox

RUNNING TIME:  76 minutes


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    While baby-sitting in a hotel, a beautiful woman (Marilyn Monroe) begins a flirtation with one of the hotel's guests (Richard Widmark). Rebounding from a break-up with his girlfriend (Anne Bancroft), he's willingly seduced by the baby-sitter and ends up in bed with her. When the child wakes up and disturbs them, the baby-sitter reveals homicidal tendencies and terrorizes them both.  A frightening and provocative exploration of a murderer's mind, Don't Bother To Knock features a rarely seen, dark side of Marilyn Monroe.

My opinion: This is a very unusual role for Marilyn.  She doesn't do a bad job either. I think the movie is pretty slow though and it really isn't Marilyn's best work but she does star in it and we get to see lots of her on the screen.  Make sure this isn't the first Marilyn movie you see because you don't get the whole effect of her presence.

Review: New York Post
"In Don't Bother To Knock...they've thrown Marilyn Monroe into the deep dramatic waters, sink or swim, and while she doesn't really do either, you might say that she floats. With that figure, what else can she do."