YEAR:  1950

STUDIO: MGM Pictures

RUNNING TIME:  1 hr 53 min

MARILYN MINUTES: 5 min 20 sec


When criminal mastermind Doc Riedenscheider is released from prison, he approaches lawyer Alonzo Emmerich with a plan for the biggest jewel heist in history. Emmerich not only gives Doc the needed expense money, but also offers to fence the jewels as well.  Doc carefully rehearses the seemingly fail-safe plan with his team of crooks, but Emmerich has a shady, double-crossing plan of his own.

My opinion: Marilyn appears as Angela, Emmerich's mistress. Her part in this film actually has bearing on the plot. She is delightful in this role. I enjoyed the story line of this movie but again I don't know if a Marilyn fan would put this at the top of their list of must have movies.

Review: Photoplay
"This brutally frank story of crime and punishment in a Midwestern city...packed with stand out performances...There's a beautiful blonde, too, named Marilyn Monroe, who plays Calhern's girlfriend, and makes the most out of her footage."