YEAR:  1962

STUDIO:  20th Century Fox

RUNNING TIME:  uncompleted



Something's Got To Give would have been Marilyn's 30th film.  The fact that no more than a third of the movie was shot before it was abandoned has not prevented many biographers, from writing more on the movie she didn't finish than any of the 29 films she did.

The "Lost" Footage

In 1992 Fox released a limited edition tape containing 45 minutes of shots from the movie, along with outtakes, wardrobe and makeup tests.  Luckily this special also aired on Television at the time which is where I got my copy.

There is also a 5 1/2 hour tape in circulation among Marilyn collectors.  This includes footage of Marilyn (mostly the same scenes shot over and over again) as well as other scenes without Marilyn. Beware that the footage on this tape is poor at best.  It is watchable but most tapes that are for sale are copies of copies of copies.  

I have heard rumors of another SGTG tape that is out there which runs about 2 hours.  Apparently this tape has footage not shown on the 5 1/2 hr version including Marilyn's nude swimming scene.

Your best bet for rare SGTG footage is the documentary "Marilyn: The Final Day" this 2-hour special aired on AMC in 2001, and is also available as part of the Diamond Collection Vol. 1.  This is a MUST have for Marilyn fans.  It includes a half hour production of reassembled footage that shows how the film might have looked if it had been completed.