YEAR:  1952

STUDIO:  RKO Pictures

RUNNING TIME:  105 minutes

MARILYN MINUTES: 13 min 30 sec



    Big-city girl, Mae Doyle (Barbara Stanwyck), returns home to the sleepy fishing village of her childhood and her first stop is the local saloon.  Bitter and lonely, Mae is searching for some of the innocence she's lost.  When Jerry D'Amato (Paul Douglas) enters the scene, she sees an opportunity to reverse the course her life has taken. Jerry, a local fisherman with simple needs, is painfully devoted to Mae. With the help of her brother and his fiancÚ, Peggy (Marilyn Monroe), Mae attempts to settle into her marriage and then motherhood. But old habits die hard. Soon boredom and frustration take over.  Mae finds herself entangled in an affair with a man she knows is no good - her husband's best friend

My opinion:   This is a fantastic movie!  Not only does Marilyn look beautiful in it she is a wonderful actress in this dramatic role.  Marilyn plays a down-to-earth girl who works at a fish plant.  We see her in jeans and drinking beer!!  This is a must have for the true Marilyn fan.     

Review: Variety
"While Marilyn Monroe is reduced to what is tantamount to a bit role, despite her star billing, she does manage to get over her blonde sexiness in one or two scenes, and the film could have used more of her."