It all started with an email.  A producer at STAR TV contacted me after seeing my website.  They were working on a new show called "I " that is devoted to collectors of pop culture memorabilia and they wanted to come and film my collection!  Of course, I agreed.  On Friday September 23, 2005, STAR TV came to the little town of Fergus.  The crew consisted of Sherry (producer/interviewer) and Andy (cameraman).  They were both so nice and put me right at ease.  I didn't sleep much the night before as my nerves got the better of me :)  They arrived at 11:30am and left around 2:30pm.

This filming was a lot different than my experience on Breakfast TV since it was not live.  Thankfully, they are able to edit out all the times I messed up.  I really enjoyed it.  I always thought I'd enjoy a career in front of the camera and this was the closest experience yet, especially with the multiple takes it really felt like a real set. 

It started with a sit down interview and then I did a walking tour of my collection...including my Marilyn-themed car!  The questions were really great just wish I had some time to think on a few.  One was how has my collection changed my life?  I've never really thought about that before...I can't imagine my life without Marilyn.  I'm sure I looked like a deer caught in the headlights :)  It will be really interesting to see how it all gets put together.  We filmed in a total of 6 different locations in my house.  The one I could live without was a shot of me coming down the stairs and putting on my Marilyn heels and discussing my tattoo as I did it.  I didn't realize my feet would be filmed.  I got a manicure yesterday but didn't even think about a pedicure.  I was probably the biggest klutz ever trying to put on those shoes while the camera was doing a close-up of my feet. 

AIR DATE: FEB. 19, 2006. 



STAR TV arrives in Fergus.


Even my MM theme car got some of the spotlight...


Sherry and Andy were awesome!

Lights, camera, action...

Here are a few photos so you can see how my collection was displayed for the shoot.  If you would like to see more check out the "My collection" section of this website.