I was watching Breakfast Television on July 21 and there was a gentlemen on the show with his collection of antiques.  That evening I emailed BT and talked about my collection and gave them a link to my website.  Kevin is always reading emails on the air so I thought, "wouldn't it be cool if he would mention my website on the air?".  I tuned in the next morning and nothing.  I honestly forgot about it until I read an email from the segment producer, Janina, asking me if I'd like to bring some of my collection and be a guest on the show!!  The next thing I knew I was booked in for Thursday morning, July 29. 

Since the call time was 6:30 am and Toronto is a good 1.5 hours (without rush hour traffic) from me.  I decided my best bet was to go down the night before.  My friend, Janet, was kind enough to drive my mom and I.  Thank goodness for her SUV, there was a lot of Marilyn stuff to transport. 

Lying in bed the night before I was starting to get pretty nervous.  This was a HUGE deal for me.  I'm from a town of 10,000 so the idea of being on TV was unbelievable!   Anyway, we got up at 4:45am and were away by 6am for my big debut.  When we pulled into the parking lot at CityTV I almost fell over.  Three of my friends (Diane, Sherry and Dar) had come for moral support.  It was such a wonderful surprise.

Once I unpacked everything, Janina brought over her boss, Bud, who had the final say of what would be put on the air.  The items he picked certainly were not what I would have chosen.

As you can see only a handful of items made it to air.   This is the clean-up right after the segment.

Liza was super nice and is just as beautiful in person as she looks on TV.



For more info on Breakfast TV/City TV visit their website.