I got an email on August 4th from someone named Jim Richards who said he had a radio show and would like for me to be a guest.  I honestly thought the email was a joke because I had never heard of CFRB.  I found out pretty quickly that it was legit and CFRB was a very popular Talk Radio channel.  I didn't have to go to Toronto because we could just do it over the phone.

So on Tuesday, August 6th, I called in at 10pm as his "Marilyn Monroe Expert" and we did a call-in show about Marilyn.  People actually phoned in and I answered their questions!!  It was so much fun.  

Unfortunately, CFRB doesn't come in very good where I live so the recording I made has lots of static.  You can still make out what is being said and some segments are better than others.  If you would like to listen to it for yourself, you can download the following MP3 files.  I split it into 3 segments and took out all the commercials.  The files are large so you'll likely need a high-speed connection.

To download them to your computer, hold your mouse over the link and right-click, select SAVE TARGET AS.



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