The person who owns Ripley's bought a number of very important items from the Christies auction and he set up an exhibit to celebrate her birthday (and make money off of her name). Although, I was thrilled to see these items in person I was also disappointed that they were there. Ripley's is not the place for her things they seem out of place. The other exhibits were very unpleasant photos and everything else in there was like a joke, very fake looking and some of it quite disturbing. Marilyn said, "Please don't make me into a joke" and I think she would be disappointed to see her things here.  Below are some of the items from the Christie's auction.  Kim Kaines is posing next to some of Marilyn's clothes (Kim is a sweetheart - I was able to meet up with her in Vegas too!).  Of course, my favourite item was the Barris sweater.  It was unreal seeing it in person.