There were lots of "interesting" characters at the memorial. Here I am pictured with a Marilyn impersonator named Bettina, there was a whole bus load of fans that came from Las Vegas with her. Unfortunately, this woman turned out to be a fraud when she was charged with running a raffle scam a couple of years after this photo was taken. The second photo is of Jean Carman.  Carman was a B-movie actress who claimed to have been close friends with Marilyn.  Over the years her Marilyn stories became more and more outrageous and I would put her in the same category as Robert Slatzer.  If I knew then what I know now, I would not have even posed for this pic.

There was a large crowd that gathered at Westwood Memorial Cemetery for Marilyn's memorial.  Luckily we got there early and had a seat in the chapel.  They set up speakers outside and it was standing room only.  Many people that knew Marilyn got up and spoke about her. It brought tears to my eyes when they played the eulogy spoken by Lee Strasberg when I closed my eyes it seemed like I was back in 1962.  Visiting her crypt was very emotional for me.  I left a card for her (you can see it in the above photo) that contained the following poem:


Eyes full of innocence.
Vulnerable at playing the game.
They took everything from you
They even took your name.
Molded, bleached a beauty
Next they gave you fame.
The public needed a sex symbol
So that is what you became.
I guess no one ever tamed you.
Lord knows that everyone tried.
To make, then break your career
And then comfort you as you cried.
Hollywood was such a busy place.
Yet you still felt alone in a crowd.
Your friends would whisper compliments,
But your self-doubt was too loud.
You never realized your talent.
It was more than your pretty face.
It was the way you captured our hearts,
And how no one has taken your place.
It's a shame you had to leave us
Before I knew your name.
I guess that's the price you pay
For refusing to play their game.