Our driving tour consisted of lots of Marilyn sites of interest.  Pictured here is Hollygrove the orphanage where young Norma Jeane lived and the home that Marilyn & Joe DiMaggio shared and where their divorce was announced.

We also got to see the Pink Palace the famous home of blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield (it has since been torn down).  But of course the most emotional place on the tour was 5th Helena drive, the location of Marilyn's Brentwood home and the place where she died.

Gia was brave enough to climb on top of a stranger and get a photo for me of the house.  The current owners do not enjoy the attention the house gets and they have put up a tarp to keep people from viewing it.  So I didn't actually get to see it until I got home and developed the film.  I can almost picture the tiles Marilyn had at the door (see inset) Cursum Perficio...which means "My journey has ended."