Saturday night we went to Russo & Frank's for dinner.  This restaurant has been around since the 50's and celebrity's still dine here all the time.  The excitement for me was meeting Joshua Greene (Milton Greene's son) and the real reason I came to LA in the first place....George Barris.  I am such a huge fan of the Barris Marilyn photos and I wanted to meet him so badly.  He posed for a photo and signed a book.  It was the most exciting Marilyn-thing that has ever happened to me!!

Later that night we had a silent auction, there was a very rare Japanese book from an exhibit that caused quite the bidding war between Mary and myself. When my number was drawn I couldn't believe it! It wasn't until I got home that I realized first of all the book opens opposite from ours so I had been leafing through the back of it instead of the front. Secondly, it was signed in the front by Mrs. Shirley De Dienes (widow of the late Andre De Dienes). Ricky can be seen below modeling another beautiful prize of MM lingerie.  Sandy's dress was the cutest!