In case you didn't know, during her marriage to Arthur Miller, Marilyn had a basset hound named Hugo. So, why did I give Hugo his own place on my Marilyn site? I had a beautiful basset named Ceasar and now have another wonderful hound named Toby. I have a special place in my heart for this breed of dog and love that Marilyn and I shared that experience.


If you happen to come across any photos of Marilyn and Hugo that I don't have on this page, I would appreciate if you could email them to me at

The following excerpt is from the book "Marilyn Among Friends" by Sam Shaw:

It may have seemed like Beauty and the Beast to some, but Marilyn and Hugo loved one another deeply. She worried about her basset hound, especially by Hugo's peculiar doggie hazards, such as, for instance, how to put it...the basset, as you many know, is a low-slung animal, moving close to the ground. Marilyn was anxious (she confided to me) that in hurrying over the rocky terrain of their farm. Hugo's low penis might possibly strike a stone. She'd cry out merrily, 'Be careful, Hugo!'.


The above photo of Hugo's tags are owned by a friend of mine. I bid on them but lost out. Happy that they went to a good home.